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In your search for Burbank Single family homes for sale did you ever wonder how Burbank got its name? Well, back in 1867 a New Hampshire dentist named Dr. David Burbank bought Rancho San Rafael and Rancho La Providencia and combined them into a large ranch where he raised sheep. His original home was built on what was later Warner Brothers back lot. Dr. Burbank sold the Southern Pacific Railroad a stretch of right-of-way for one dollar and in 1874 trains started passing through Burbank bringing more people to settle in California. Seeing a profit In 1886, Dr. Burbank sold his property to a group of speculators for $250,000 and the Providencia Land, Water and Development Company was formed.

The speculators subdivided the property into a business district, small farms and residential lots ( the birth of Burbank Single Family Homes For Sale ;). The tracts for sale on May 1, 1887, and the town of Burbank was born. The population of the town in 1911 was 500 when the voters approved incorporation.

In the mid twenties Lockheed Aircraft Company arrived in Burbank. By the 1940’s Lockheed had about 94,000 employees and Burbank’s population rose to over 53,000 in 1943.

Another industry that arrived in the 1920’s  was the motion picture business.  First National Pictures bought acreage  and was quickly bought by the Warner Brothers which saw great success in 1927 when they released the first all talking movie, The Jazz Singer.  Columbia Pictures purchased property in Burbank as a ranch facility, using it  for outdoor filming. Walt Disney’s company bought about 5 acres and his million-dollar studio was completed in 1939.